Multi-cloud storage: 5 pitfalls to avoid

With ever-increasing data, the need for sophisticated data analytics and the ubiquitous requirement of maximum system performance, it is understandable that organizations would elect to move to a multi-cloud environment. In this article we focus on 5 pitfalls to avoid when deciding on your multi-cloud storage: 1. Beware of the cloud broker2. Vendor lock-in 3. … Read more

Five Advantages of Moving Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Until the advent of the cloud, protecting crucial business applications and workloads traditionally required building and maintaining a second on-prem data center which was a costly commitment and a massive operational exercise. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions can now extend data centers into the cloud at a fraction of the costs. The latest DRaaS report from … Read more

eBook Launch: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Continuity and Recovery Planning

Data loss, whether intentional or accidental, is not only inconvenient but can have severe financial implications and indeed cost you your business. Our aim with this eBook is to prepare for those instances when disaster strikes by providing you with guidance in respect of disaster recovery and business continuity. The aim is to ensure you … Read more

eBook Launch: Layman’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are key components of an organization’s risk management strategy. It facilitates  critical services to continue during a disaster until normal operations can resume. Layman’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning provides an abridged and easy-to-understand guide to ensure that your business operations continue-, during as well as after disruption or disaster. Part … Read more

File Archiving as a Service: Save backup costs by moving your data to Stage2Data Cloud Archives

Introducing File Archiving as a Service – FAaaS Most organisations’ data accumulates over time which means much of the data is no longer critical in ongoing business operations. Stage2Data offers a secure archive service where your redundant and irrelevant files are moved from on-premise and safely stored in our private cloud data center. By offloading … Read more

MALWARE MAYHEM: The Current State of the Malware Threat Landscape and How To Stay Ahead

The malware threat landscape saw many changes since 2018 – traditional threats such as ransomware are still rife, causing damage to organizations and their bottom-line; crimeware (financially motivated malware) remains the most prevalent threat; while threats such as cryptojacking (“the unauthorized use of a device by cybercriminals to mine for cryptocurrency”) and phishing notably increased. … Read more

Four Must-Knows About Cloud Hosting

Storing and managing information is critical to an organization’s continuity. “Moving to the cloud” is becoming increasingly attractive to organizations, but how many of these organizations really understand the cloud and what such a move entails? Preparing to move to the cloud requires you to have an informed strategy before embarking on this journey. In … Read more

eBook Launch: A Practical Guide to Cloud Backup

A practical Guide to Cloud backup provides a working guide to businesses and individuals struggling with storing, protecting and managing large amounts of data.  It contains best practices when choosing the most appropriate cloud option for your organization by, inter alia, detailing the types of cloud backups, highlighting the advantages of cloud backup and explaining … Read more

Case Study: Avanta Insurance Brokers satisfied with Stage2Data’s Cloud Hosting and Managed Backup Service

“Since moving our infrastructure from onsite to Stage2Data’s Cloud hosting and backup services we would never look back. Their service and support over the years has been phenomenal.” Summary Avanta Insurance Inc. is an independent insurance broker, with a history going back to 1968. With their head offices located in Toronto, Canada, and having been … Read more

What is the difference between Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage?

The concept of cloud space is still relatively unclear and confusion still exists about what exactly the “cloud” is and how different services interact with it. Adding to this confusion, cloud storage services are often the backend for backup and sync services as well as stand-alone services. In an attempt to settle the confusion, we … Read more