Five Benefits of File Archiving-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is becoming increasingly popular for organizations wanting to reduce overheads and streamline IT operations. The flexibility of this model means there is no upfront investment in infrastructure required and it further minimizes maintenance and support costs.  File-archiving-as-a-service (FAaaS) is one such SaaS solution aiming to provide a data storage environment that is able … Read more

Why you should consider Stage2Data’s as-a-service solutions

The benefits associated with the as-a-service model are well known. It assists IT teams and organizations to simplify, streamline and optimize including faster time to benefit with reduced total cost of ownership, scalability, speed of deployment, and significantly decreased risk. However, with so many solutions and new tech on the market, it can become increasingly difficult … Read more

What Damage Can Phishing Cause to Your Business?

A cyber-attack costs a small business on average $53 987. Although this is much less that the cost associated with cyber-attacks on medium and large enterprises that easily escalates to millions of dollars, when considered from a proportion to size point of view, it is substantial. One of the ways hackers wreak this havoc is … Read more

Stage2Data Upgrades Backend Infrastructure by Adding MPLS

Stage2Data, Canada’s premier cloud solution provider, recently upgraded its backend infrastructure offering reliability and quality of service by adding multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) layer 2 connectivity. Its first MPLS link has been provisioned and is now live! MPLS is a routing technique which directs data from one node to the next based on short path … Read more

Backup versus DRaaS: Why You Need Both

With always-on consumers, unrelenting cyber threats and the cost of downtime, backup and disaster recovery solutions have become essential components of any successful business. However, when deciding on the appropriate solution, decisionmakers are often mistaken about what constitutes disaster recovery and what backup. As often they think backup is a complete or sufficient solution should … Read more

When Disaster Recovery Goes Awry: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Even under optimal conditions and thorough disaster recovery (DR) planning, the possibility always exists that your disaster recovery strategy can go wrong. How disaster recovery can go wrong The steps you have taken to ensure your organization stays operational when disaster strikes can go awry for reasons including: A lack of planning – despite including … Read more

Understanding Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as part of your disaster recovery strategy

Disaster can present itself in many forms – corruption, theft, hurricane, ransomware – resulting in downtime, data loss and applications being taken down. Ideally, you would want data protection that could immediately restore all lost data and applications to the exact time and point of failure and immediately have your organization back to business as … Read more

Five Types of Phishing Attacks that Reel in Victims

Phishing attacks are becoming progressively clever and easy to launch. The convenience of phishing kits available to purchase on the dark web renders it easy for cybercriminals, even with minimal technical skills, to launch phishing campaigns. The emails used to execute the phishing attacks are also carefully crafted to avoid suspicion to ensure victims open … Read more

Wind, Water, Fire, Earthquakes: The Consequences for IT infrastructure are Catastrophic

Ransomware attacks in the headlines are prevalent. Yet there’s another threat that remains one of the top causes of data loss – natural disasters. Especially now in the wake of hurricane Dorian, it is important to highlight the fact that natural disasters too have the potential to cripple organizations as it could potentially damage critical … Read more

Key Questions to Ask Your Cloud Backup Service Provider To Determine If Your Data Is Safe

SMEs are increasingly turning to cloud backup services for convenience, simplicity, and reliability.  As an SME, protecting your computers and data from theft, cybercrime, and disasters (human and natural) is crucial as you’ll be in possession of customers’ financial and personal information as well as your own business-critical information. That’s why planning and implementing a … Read more