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Leading North American Cloud Services Provider. Since 2009.

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Founded in 2009, Stage2Data is an award-winning Cloud Service Provider (CSP). We specialize in backup, disaster recovery, and cloud infrastructure solutions, and the often-neglected networking portion crucial to these services and solutions.
Partnering with best-of-breed technologies, we offer innovative solutions that fit our customers’ needs, simplify their processes, and secure their valuable data. The result: comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery services that keep our customers operational when they need it most.
Our advanced technology and solution stack enables robust protection from cyber threats while our experienced team
of experts understands what businesses need to ensure data security and recoverability. We offer tailored approaches
to every customer based on their individual needs and pain points.
As a CSP and certified carrier-grade internet solutions provider (ISP), our customers and partners get secure and
reliable solutions that provide peace of mind in an ever-changing world of digital threats.

Cloud Provider Resiliency™

Cloud Provider Resiliency (CPR)™ Securely Replicates And Stores Your Public (And Private) Cloud Data And Virtual Machines In Stage2Data’s Private Cloud To Ensure Recoverability From Disruptive Events Such As Cybersecurity Breaches And Ransomware Attacks. In The Event That Your Cloud Data

Becomes Unavailable Or Unreachable, Stage2Data’s (CPR)™ Service
Can Be Utilised To Either Restore Your Data To Its Original Public Cloud Provider, Malware Free And/Or Temporarily Restore Is To The
Stage2Data Private Cloud Until The Original Cloud Environment
Has Been Restored.

Cloud Provider Resiliency™

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