Recover any Cloud
With almost Zero Downtime

Ensure That Your Disaster Recovery Solution
Won’t Let Down In The Real World.

Modern Disaster Recovery Solutions That
Include Your Entire Local And Cloud Infrastructure

Let us help you improve your current disaster recovery plan without ripping out and replacing everything

Traditional Disaster Recovery Is Dead. If You Haven’t Updated Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Within The Past 3 Years You Are Most Likely At Risk. Companies Who Have Moved To The Public Cloud Thinking Their Data Is Safe Should Rethink Their Disaster Recovery Strategy.

Modern Disaster Recovery Solutions that
include your entire local and cloud infrastructure

Backup And Recovery

Data is an essential part of any business regardless of size. You need a robust backup and recovery plan that is built for scale and offers peak performance resulting in substantially simplified backups, rapid recovery and reduced costs.

File Archiving

Low-cost storage for less frequently accessed files, requiring long-term retention (for less than AZURE and AWS). Offloading your archive files and data to the Stage2Data cloud saves local storage capacity, lightens the load on infrastructure and reduces the size of backups.

Network Recovery-As-A-Service (NRaaS)™

In the event of a complete site failure, the local enterprise resources get spooled up in the S2D cloud while maintaining your public IP address throughout the entire failover. Ensure business continuity with minimal business impact.

Cloud Provider Resilience (CPR)™

Mirror your entire cloud environment in Stage2Data’s private cloud environment which offers encryption and security to keep ransomware out. Recover to Stage2Data’s private cloud or the public cloud (e.g., Azure, AWZ, Google Cloud), and secure business-critical data and files.

Different Tiers For Every Customer Need

Stage2Data’s tiered approach to disaster recovery makes provision for a range of disaster recovery products. From cloud backup, partial mirroring to the Stage2Data private cloud, and NRaaS™ to ISP services. Customers can choose the product or combination of products to meet their service needs.

Ready to improve your current DR plan without ripping out and replacing everything?


St. Mary’s General Hospital selects Stage2Data and Cohesity
for their backup and recovery needs

Located in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario, St. Mary’s General Hospital is the second-largest acute care hospital in the St. Joseph’s Health System and a Regional Cardiac Care Center. The hospital proudly serves the residents of Waterloo, Wellington County with an extended reach to Dufferin, Grey-Bruce and beyond. St. Mary’s provides excellent, compassionate care to hundreds of thousands of patients and families in their core areas of clinical focus.

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