Wind, Water, Fire, Earthquakes: The Consequences for IT infrastructure are Catastrophic

Ransomware attacks in the headlines are prevalent. Yet there’s another threat that remains one of the top causes of data loss – natural disasters. Especially now in the wake of hurricane Dorian, it is important to highlight the fact that natural disasters too have the potential to cripple organizations as it could potentially damage critical … Read more

Key Questions to Ask Your Cloud Backup Service Provider To Determine If Your Data Is Safe

SMEs are increasingly turning to cloud backup services for convenience, simplicity, and reliability.  As an SME, protecting your computers and data from theft, cybercrime, and disasters (human and natural) is crucial as you’ll be in possession of customers’ financial and personal information as well as your own business-critical information. That’s why planning and implementing a … Read more

Four Must-Knows About Cloud Hosting

Storing and managing information is critical to an organization’s continuity. “Moving to the cloud” is becoming increasingly attractive to organizations, but how many of these organizations really understand the cloud and what such a move entails? Preparing to move to the cloud requires you to have an informed strategy before embarking on this journey. In … Read more

Three Key Components of a Business Continuity Plan

How quickly you bounce back after a disaster may depend on how well you plan before it. Data is one of, if not the most, important resources for any organization. And, protecting it from disaster, whether intentional or accidental, is no longer optional. As we have mentioned in our previous post, keeping an up to … Read more