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With cyberattacks on the rise, Today’s businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to security and compliance.

A resilient and on-demand cybersecurity strategy is essential for all businesses. However, managing cybersecurity in today’s world often requires split-second decision-making and can be extremely challenging.

Stage2Data’s next-gen cybersecurity solution makes provision for:

Expand your service offering overnight

No upfront fees or long term contracts

Stage2Data’s reseller model enables partners to expand their service offering with high-end enterprise quality cloud solutions without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. Our solutions are tried and tested, fully scalable and backed by 24/7 technical and sales support.

Cloud Solutions Include:

1. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

A comprehensive cloud-based DR solution for natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or system failures. With DRaaS you can ensure business continuity by replicating data to secure off- site locations, and enable lightning fast and easy data recovery with minimal downtime, while minimizing the costs and complexities of traditional disaster recovery methods.

  • Replicate to the S2D Cloud USA/Canada.
  • Recoveries 24/7/365.
  • Recoveries available from Fort Knox.
  • Recoveries will occur in Stage2Data’s VMware environment running vCloud Director.
  • Full access to your own private vCloud Director Environment.
  • The first 30 days of hosing is included if a declaration occured.
  • 30 days after declaration an (IAAS) hosing fee will apply.
  • Long term data retention is available on native S3 storage.

The monthly price includes:

  • All VCPU, RAM and disk required for recovery.
  • We will match the resources provided in the SOW.
  • There is no declaration fee.
  • Failback options.

2. Backup-as-a-Service

Stage2Data’s cloud-based data backup solution provides secure and reliable data protection, enabling you to quickly recover critical data in the event of a disaster or data loss. BaaS is scalable and customizable to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes while reducing the cost and complexity of traditional backup methods.


  • Long-term retention can be kept in Stage2Data’s object storage with no ingress, egress or data processing fees.
  • Backups are always stored on hot disk.
  • Backups are replicated to certified clusters in Stage2Data’s cloud.

3. Network Recovery-as-a-Service™

Stage2Data’s flagship Network Recovery-as-a-Service™ solution restores network services and minimizes downtime in the event of an unexpected outage or disaster while maintaining your public IP address.


  • Advanced security measures such as encryption and firewalls protect data from cyber threats.
  • VMs and data immediately accessible and functional.
  • Full failover and network recovery of the local area network using Multiprotocol Label Switching.
  • External IPs remain unchanged during failover.

4. Complete range of Cyber Security Services

Ensure your customers stay protected against cybercrime with managed cybersecurity & threat prevention that aligns with their business strategy.

This solution includes multi-layered cybersecurity for LAN, public and private clouds with compliance products to combat next-gen malware, ransomware, and other enterprise threats.

Managed Cyber Security Services include: 

  • Incident response
  • Attack Surface Management
  • Security Controls Management
  • Breach Management
  • Impact Reduction Management  
  • Domain Security Intelligence (DSI)
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test

5. Object Storage-as-a-Service

S3 Scale-Out File and Object Storage is a cutting-edge storage solution that enables businesses to store and manage vast amounts of data in the cloud with ease. With object storage, you can effortlessly manage their data while enjoying the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and streamlined operations.

    • Long-term storage with no ingress, egress or data processing fees.
    • Stage2Data will create and manage the object storage bucket.
    • Data will never be tiered to cold storage.
    • No bandwidth throttling.
    • Data is guaranteed to be maintained in preferred country (e.g. Canada or United States).
    • Recoveries at LAN speeds back into Private Cloud Stage2Data DRaaS environment.

Are you a Managed Service Provider?  Expand your service offering today. No upfront fees.

Stage2Data provides the following support

        Full sales support includes:

  • Solution Design & Sales Engineer.
  • Joint customer presentations.
  • Entire backup/DRaaS sales cycle can be run together from start to finish.
  • NRaaS design and support by network engineer.

        Installation & Ongoing Support

  • Fully manage all backup/DRaaS installations.
  • First and second level support available.

        Working on their existing accounts

  • Stage2Data enables the partner to increase revuenue and commission.
  • Partners earn 20 to 25 points on all Stage2Data services.

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