The cloud is fragile.
Make sure your data and servers are kept safe.



With cyberattacks on the rise, Today’s businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to security and compliance.

A resilient and on-demand cybersecurity strategy is essential for all businesses. However, managing cybersecurity in today’s world often requires split-second decision-making and can be extremely challenging.

Stage2Data’s next-gen cybersecurity solution makes provision for:

Peace of mind that your cloud is ALWAYS available

Having your virtual machines and data in the public cloud still requires a backup and disaster recovery solution.
Since enterprises have migrated to the cloud, many make the mistake of thinking their servers and data are safe just because it’s hosted with a well-known cloud service provider (such as Azure, Google or Amazon). This is not true. IT managers and business owners have a shared responsibility to keep their data and cloud services safe and secure.

Stage2Data’s Cloud Provider Resiliency (CPR)™ solution will:

Provide ransomware immutability:

Once your data is written, it cannot be changed and therefore cannot be encrypted by ransomware.

Ensure your data and servers are always available:

Mirror your entire cloud environment in Stage2Data’s private cloud environment which offers encryption and security to keep ransomware out.

Built on redundancy:

Your data is duplicated, replicated, or backed up to ensure you can quickly access it in the event of a cloud service disruption or outage.

Protect against a cyber security attacks:

Secures business-critical data and files from cyberattacks, deletion, and unauthorized encryption by encrypting data in flight and at rest.

Eliminate your reliance on a single cloud provider:

Either recover to Stage2Data’s private cloud or to any other public cloud (e.g., Azure, AWZ, Google Cloud) until the cloud where the data or virtual machines were hosted initially has been restored.

What is Cloud Provider Resiliency (CPR)™

CPR™ provides resilience, redundancy, and recoverability between multiple cloud platforms, meaning you can recover from any cloud to any cloud. With CPR™ your public (and private) cloud data and virtual machines are securely replicated and stored in Stage2Data’s private cloud to ensure recoverability from disruptive events such as hardware failures, power outages, unexpected spikes in demand, software failures, and cyber-attacks with little to no service disruptions. If your cloud data becomes unavailable or unreachable, Stage2Data’s CPR™ service can restore your data to a secondary cloud, malware-free and/or temporarily restore it to the Stage2Data private cloud until the original cloud environment has been restored.

A ransomware attack takes a cloud provider offline for a few days

  1. Cloud outages among the world’s largest public cloud providers have been eye-opening – 67% of companies currently operate in a public cloud, while 45% use a private cloud. Even more so given how reliant organizations are on cloud storage. As this reliance grows, so too does the need to ensure your data is available when it’s needed, every time it’s needed.

  2. Imagine a ransomware attack taking a top cloud provider offline for 3 to 6 days. In this scenario, a Fortune 1000 company will suffer economic losses of $15 billion and up to $3.5 billion in insured losses, while smaller companies will carry a 63% share of economic losses and 57% of insured losses, according to Lloyd.

  3. True CPR™ is built on redundancy, which duplicates, replicates or backs up data stored in the cloud to ensure recoverability without any data loss. CPR™ offers enhanced data security, faster data access and improved data reliability to make sure. Choose a provider that allows for various RTO and RPO options depending on the criticality of a system within your business.

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