3 Ways cybercriminals are exploiting Coronavirus panic

These are just some of the headlines from a report on threat intelligence during COVID-19 published by Microsoft. Ready or not, most organizations were thrust into working from home, which means employees and devices are now accessing sensitive corporate data across home networks. In addition, cybercriminals are making the most out of the situation and … Read more

MALWARE MAYHEM: The Current State of the Malware Threat Landscape and How To Stay Ahead

The malware threat landscape saw many changes since 2018 – traditional threats such as ransomware are still rife, causing damage to organizations and their bottom-line; crimeware (financially motivated malware) remains the most prevalent threat; while threats such as cryptojacking (“the unauthorized use of a device by cybercriminals to mine for cryptocurrency”) and phishing notably increased. … Read more

Understanding Hacking Strategies (How Hackers Hack)

The techniques employed by hackers are constantly evolving and so are their tools. Data theft is the end goal for numerous attacks, with hackers seeking predominantly personal data, credentials, and credit card information. In order to steal this data, hackers compromise online platforms such as bookings sites, social media sites and e-commerce websites. It is … Read more