eBook Launch: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Continuity and Recovery Planning

Data loss, whether intentional or accidental, is not only inconvenient but can have severe financial implications and indeed cost you your business. Our aim with this eBook is to prepare for those instances when disaster strikes by providing you with guidance in respect of disaster recovery and business continuity. The aim is to ensure you stay in business when disaster strikes.

Part 2 starts off with definitions of the key terms underpinning this eBook namely ‘disaster’ and ‘business continuity’. It also highlights the need for a proper disaster recovery plan. Defining between these two terms lays the foundation to explain the difference between a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan. This part then goes on to motivate why a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan are essential to your business strategy.

Part 3 delves into disaster management best practices while parts 4 and 5 list the key components of a business continuity plan as well as the advantages of a well-designed business continuity plan. Part 6 concludes.

Take action now and take advantage of our free eBook to ensure the survival of your business.