Stage2Data awarded Leading Cloud Solutions provider for 3rd consecutive year

Established in 2009, Stage2Data is an award-winning cloud services provider dedicated to delivering value with reliable SaaS solutions. More than just a cloud solutions provider, Stage2Data is a strategic partner for businesses, helping them to store, protect, and recover their valuable data. In the wake of its win at this year’s Global Excellence Awards, we take this opportunity to find out more about this leading cloud solutions provider.

Stage2Data solves business problems for its customers by providing them with high-quality cloud solutions and services at an affordable price. Innovation resides at the heart of its operations, and the company continuously seeks the latest cloud innovations to ensure that its customers receive world-class solutions. The Stage2Data team is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and after-sales support that future-proofs clients for success.

Stage2Data offers a wide range of cloud-based solutions to address clients’ various business needs, from security and network recovery to cyber resilience and disaster recovery (DR). Network Recovery-as-a-Service™ (NRaaS™), its flagship DR product, is a breakthrough solution in the cloud disaster recovery space. The pioneering solution goes beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery, offering a complete site failover and recovery solution for the entire network infrastructure.

NRaaS™ minimises downtime for customers even if the site fails completely. Clients can quickly resume operations while also protecting their profits and reputation. Furthermore, during a failover, NRaaS™ lets clients restore their entire network while maintaining both public and private IP addresses. This solution eliminates the need for complex reconfiguration and minimises disruption to both users and customers.

By implementing NRaaS™, clients can recover from ransomware attacks and natural disasters. The solution also lets organisations failover to the Stage2Data cloud for seamless business continuity. NRaaS™ eliminates the need for dedicated backup infrastructure, streamlining the recovery process and helping clients reduce their disaster recovery costs. Stage2Data gives clients complete peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that their entire network is protected and can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.

Mohamed Al-Roubaiai, Corporate IT Manager at CES Energy Solutions, says, “Stage2Data feels more like a close partner than a third party. Their response times are great, all SLAs have been met, and we can all sleep better at night knowing that we can access our data at any time, 24/7. It really takes the pressure off us as we have a whole Stage2Data team on standby.”

In recent years, Stage2Data has witnessed a rise in the number of K-12 schools becoming targets of cybercrime. Knowing its solution could help solve this challenge, Stage2Data partnered with Avalien and Cohesity to create a predictable pricing model specific for K-12 schools. Through this strategic collaboration, the partners have created a static monthly billing model designed to eliminate unnecessary expenses. This allows schools to budget effectively, improve their chances of qualifying for cyber insurance, and reduce their insurance premiums by up to 35%. Stage2Data is providing NRaaS™ to schools to ensure seamless failover and recovery of the entire network infrastructure. Its comprehensive solution minimises downtime and allows students and staff to access resources during a disaster.

“The biggest development we’re seeing is people leaving DR service providers in search of better ones. They want to avoid billing surprises where their DR providers bill them based on predicted numbers and then increase their bill amount every month, blaming unpredictable factors.

“This hockey stick pricing model destabilises their budget and often prices them out of the service entirely. This has worked in our favour as we created a cloud DR solution based on a predictable pricing model, with no surprise fees and (within reason) a static monthly bill based on provisioned disk size. This is a very rare offering in the industry.”

Moving forward, Stage2Data’s objective is to provide customers with a predictable bill that will only increase their charges if they add a server for protection, take one away, or reprovision a virtual machine. With its unique approach to DR, the company can ensure that customers’ monthly bills remain entirely static. Additionally, Stage2Data is currently working on several major projects, providing backup and disaster recovery services for enterprise organisations in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, education, and legal sectors.

“Over two decades, Stage2Data has become a trusted cloud solutions provider, renowned for its innovative SaaS solutions and superior customer service. With our wide range of cloud-based solutions, we will continue to help clients secure their valuable data and protect their networks against cyber threats and other disasters. This, of course, is only possible because we have an amazing team working tirelessly behind the scenes.”

Stage2Data will continue to embrace innovation to develop high-quality products and services that offer real value to customers. For its secure and reliable solutions, we have bestowed on Stage2Data our award for Leading Provider of Cloud Solutions – North America.

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