NRaaS – A failover and recovery solution for your entire network infrastructure

Network Recovery-as-a-Service (NRaaS), Stage2Data’s flagship offering, has taken DR as we know it to the next level. It includes your entire network including protecting and failing over your files, programs and servers.  Network recovery is similar to disaster recovery in that its purpose is to prepare a business for a disruptive event. This disruptive event … Read more

Streamline data backup and recovery with Cohesity’s comprehensive SaaS solution

As organizations globally are embracing digital transformation, Stage2Data continues to find smart and effective ways to manage, access, backup and safeguard business-critical data. Businesses are increasingly considering cloud initiatives and looking for trusted cloud managed service providers to, amongst others, modernize data centres and drive business agility. We have invested in and equipped our Canadian … Read more

The 2 most common causes of real-life DR events

Data is the foundation of almost every organization. Still, protecting data can be a huge challenge for organizations. This is due to among others persistent threats from cybercriminals, employee errors and natural disasters. We’ve all heard horror stories about unexpected business disruptions that adversely impact business operations, revenue, and customer sentiment. Unfortunately, these disruptive events … Read more

What is BCDR and why should North American business leaders take note?

In the current climate, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) have a higher profile than ever before. Yet it often slips through the cracks of organizations’ day-to-day operations. Organizations of all sizes are increasingly dependent on digital technologies to generate revenue, provide services and support customers. However, to be able to do this, applications and … Read more

Certify, screen and test: Key considerations when devising a return-to-work plan

Returning employees to the workplace amid COVID-19 is not as simple as just announcing the reopening or setting a return-to-work date. It will also not be business as usual. Not only will most workplaces be changed initially, but some of these changes may continue for the foreseeable future and long after the perceived finish line … Read more

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste: 3 Reasons to rethink your health and safety policies amid COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many things have changed in the way we run the operations of our businesses, welcome or not. Businesses that are currently open or preparing to re-open and return employees and essential visitors to the workplace must remain mindful of their obligations to implement and enforce the necessary measures to … Read more

Remote Work Challenges: Failure to implement, regulate or adhere to security policies

Remote work presents unique information security challenges since remote work environments don’t usually have the same or comparable safeguards to the office. When employees are at the office, they are working behind layers of preventive security controls. While not perfect, it is harder to make a security mistake while at the office. However, when devices … Read more

Remote Work Challenges: IT and cybersecurity risks

According to SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index, almost three-quarters of US employees are currently working from home and globally, 25 to 30% of the workforce are estimated to continue working from home by the end of 2021 and post-COVID-19 according to Global Workplace Analytics. In fact, according to Gallup Research, more than half of the office … Read more

COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery: Resilience is key to business continuity and disaster recovery

Of the many lessons we can take from the current pandemic, perhaps the most decisive one is ensuring that our business operations are founded on resilience. Having business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place is half the battle. The British Standards Institution (BSI) BS 65000 – Guidance on Organizational Resilience defines organizational resilience as … Read more

3 Strategies to maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic

By now it is trite that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on organizations across the globe. One of the ways in which organizations can mitigate these effects is to develop comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans. However, according to the Mercer Business Responses to the COVID-19 Outbreak Survey, only 17.9% of organizations surveyed … Read more