The Cloud Services Provider you can trust with the life of your business:

Your data, VM’s and cloud infrastructure and network recovery.

Protect. Recover. Respond

  Secure Data Management   

Cutting edge compute, storage, infrastructure and connectivity solutions with advanced security protocols.

   World-Class Recovery    

Recover any public and private cloud environment with almost zero downtime and minimal business impact with Cloud Provider Redundancy™.

Network Recovery NRaaS™

A failover and recovery solution for your entire network. infrastructure with instant WAN & LAN network fail-over to S2D cloud with all public-facing IPs remaining unchanged.

      Incident Response       

Our incident response solution takes a documented approach to threat management allowing for rapid visibility and containment.

Our Flagship DR Solution: NRaaS™

Network Recovery as a Service

What will happen if your entire network goes down? 

Cloud Provider Resiliency™

Cloud Provider Resiliency (CPR)™ securely replicates and stores your public (and private) cloud data and virtual machines in Stage2Data’s private cloud to ensure recoverability from disruptive events such as cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks. In the event that your cloud data

becomes unavailable or unreachable, Stage2Data’s (CPR)™ service
can be utilized to either restore your data to its original public cloud provider, malware free and/or temporarily restore is to the
Stage2Data private cloud until the original cloud environment
has been restored.

Cloud Provider Resiliency™

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Stage2Data awarded Leading Cloud Solutions provider for 3rd consecutive year

Established in 2009, Stage2Data is an award-winning cloud services provider dedicated to delivering value with reliable SaaS solutions. More than just a cloud solutions provider, Stage2Data is a strategic partner for businesses, helping them to store, protect, and recover their valuable data. In the wake of its win at this year’s Global Excellence Awards, we take this opportunity to find out more about this leading cloud solutions provider.

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