eBook Launch: Layman’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are key components of an organization’s risk management strategy. It facilitates  critical services to continue during a disaster until normal operations can resume. Layman’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning provides an abridged and easy-to-understand guide to ensure that your business operations continue-, during as well as after disruption or disaster.

Part 1 of this eBook defines “business continuity” and lists the key components of a sound business continuity plan.  Part 2 highlights the advantages of a solid business continuity plan taking into account operations, compliance, and employees.

Part 3 discusses the consequences of not having a competent business continuity plan and highlights the risks that your business may be exposed to without a business continuity plan. Some of the risks include business downtime; loss of money and earnings; increased operating costs; poor staff morale; loss of customers  as a result of bad service; legal action taken by unhappy customers and/or employees;  non-compliance with legal requirements and possible business closure. Part 4 provides a convenient overview of the components comprising a sound business continuity plan while Part 5 highlights three key questions to consider before implementing a business continuity plan.

Part 6 outlines a simple approach, based on ISO 22301, to create your own business continuity plan. The steps are separated into four phases that  different people can complete simultaneously.  Part 7 concludes this eBook.

Organizations must plan for threats and risks to protect the business when disaster strikes. Empower yourself and your business with this eBook. It will assist you to moderate risk and continuously deliver products and services in the face of disruption.

Layman's Guide to
Business Continuity Planning