Network Recovery as a Service

A complete DR solution which includes your entire LAN/WAN with minimal business impact during failover and recovery

With cyberattacks on the rise, Today’s businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to security and compliance.

A resilient and on-demand cybersecurity strategy is essential for all businesses. However, managing cybersecurity in today’s world often requires split-second decision-making and can be extremely challenging.

Stage2Data’s next-gen cybersecurity solution makes provision for:

Most DR providers tend to ignore this critical component: Your Network

Restore your entire network while maintaining your public ip address throughout the process  

Data backup

Backing up data and network configuration files is one of the most important tasks during (and before) a network disaster. Stage2Data’s backups are built for scale but also offer peak performance resulting in simplified backups, rapid recovery and reduced costs.

IPs remain unchanged during failover

 If your entire site fails in the event of, for example, a network or DDoS attack, the local enterprise resources are transferred to the Stage2Data cloud with all public-facing IPs staying the same.

VMs and data immediately accessible and functional

Recover and restore individual VMs, application-aware groups of VMs or all your VMs. NRaaSTM automates the recovery process creating a holistic network recovery solution.

MPLS and Internet provisioning

Standard Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity companies offer full network recovery of the local area network. But unless they’re also an ISP, they cannot offer full NRaaS. As a certified internet service provider, Stage2Data offers full failover and network recovery of the local area network using MPLS.

Added protection

Cyber threats, power failures, and failed hardware can all crash your organization’s network and corrupt important files and documents. With NRaaS you can backup and rapidly retrieve your crucial files and information.

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Copperfin Credit Union transforms backup and recovery
operations with Stage2Data and Cohesity

Copperfin Credit Union Limited was founded in 2008. The company’s line of business includes the cooperative thrift and loan associations (accepting deposits) organized under other than the Federal Charter to finance the credit needs of their members. Copperfin Credit Union is Northwestern Ontario’s largest locally owned credit union, with 7 branches located in Ear Falls, Kenora, Sioux Narrows, Nestor Falls, and Thunder Bay. As Copperfin’s data footprint increased, they realized that their current backup and recovery solution lagged behind in terms of both performance and features. Consequently, the company contracted Stage2Data to tailor a more robust solution for their backup and recovery needs.

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