eBook Launch: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Continuity and Recovery Planning

Data loss, whether intentional or accidental, is not only inconvenient but can have severe financial implications and indeed cost you your business. Our aim with this eBook is to prepare for those instances when disaster strikes by providing you with guidance in respect of disaster recovery and business continuity. The aim is to ensure you … Read more

First Half of 2019: Business Continuity Trends and Challenges

In a survey conducted by Continuity Central, respondents were asked: “What level of changes do you expect to see in the way your organization manages business continuity during 2019?” From the answers collected, the top five change trends that emerged were the following:  22% of the respondents indicated that they will be making major revisions … Read more

Five Reasons Why Organizations Don’t Test Their Disaster Recovery Plans Despite the Major Risks Involved

It is a well-established fact that disaster recovery is a crucial part of any organization. In a study conducted by Spiceworks, 95% of the 700 respondents indicated that they do have a disaster recovery plan, but 23% of the respondents admitted to not testing their disaster recovery plan. When presented with the question why these … Read more

What is Network Recovery as a Service (NRaaS) and why do I need it?

Network recovery is the process of recovering and restoring business operations on a computer network. It is similar in scope to disaster recovery to the extent that both services are tailored to prepare organizations for disasters that could disrupt, amongst others, network services. Network recovery as a service, together with an organization’s business continuity plan, … Read more

eBook Launch: Layman’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are key components of an organization’s risk management strategy. It facilitates  critical services to continue during a disaster until normal operations can resume. Layman’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning provides an abridged and easy-to-understand guide to ensure that your business operations continue-, during as well as after disruption or disaster. Part … Read more

Three Key Components of a Business Continuity Plan

How quickly you bounce back after a disaster may depend on how well you plan before it. Data is one of, if not the most, important resources for any organization. And, protecting it from disaster, whether intentional or accidental, is no longer optional. As we have mentioned in our previous post, keeping an up to … Read more

When Disaster Strikes – Is Your Business Continuity Plan In Order?

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be delving into business continuity and disaster recovery, what it means (also for your organization), and why you need it. Data loss, whether intentional or accidental, is not only inconvenient, but can have severe financial implications and indeed cost you your business.   Recent statistics … Read more