What Will Happen if Your Entire Network Goes Down?

Find out what business leaders need to know about disaster recovery and the importance of having a trusted cloud service provider. Learn why Stage2Data is Acquisition International’s Best Cloud Solution Provider 2023 – North America, and how their cutting-edge infrastructure, storage, and connectivity solutions can help protect your business data.

Network Recovery-as-a-Service: Five factors (besides disasters) that can cause a network failure

Network recovery used to be straight forward. However, with the advent of complex arrangements such as hybrid cloud computing, security, virtual servers, and the massive pressure cloud migration and mobility put on networks,  recovering from a network crash has become a complicated endeavor. It is also worth noting that networks fail for more reasons than … Read more

What is Network Recovery as a Service (NRaaS) and why do I need it?

Network recovery is the process of recovering and restoring business operations on a computer network. It is similar in scope to disaster recovery to the extent that both services are tailored to prepare organizations for disasters that could disrupt, amongst others, network services. Network recovery as a service, together with an organization’s business continuity plan, … Read more

Network Recovery as a Service (NRaaS)

In September 2018, Stage2Data became a certified Internet Service Provider (ISP). The purpose of this corporate upgrade was not to compete with other carriers who already provide internet connectivity at costs but to offer better service to their clients who make use of their Cloud Hosting (HaaS), Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services (BC/DR). Typically … Read more