What’s in the (in)box? Network security is key to defend against email threats

Technology continues to create advantages such as increased mobility, agility, increased productivity, and innovation for organizations. However, as necessary and beneficial as technology is to organizations across the globe, it also presents increasing security concerns. It follows, therefore, that maintaining network security should be a top priority not only for organizations but also for their … Read more

3 Ways cybercriminals are exploiting Coronavirus panic

These are just some of the headlines from a report on threat intelligence during COVID-19 published by Microsoft. Ready or not, most organizations were thrust into working from home, which means employees and devices are now accessing sensitive corporate data across home networks. In addition, cybercriminals are making the most out of the situation and … Read more

Don’t get caught! Here are 5 tips to protect your business against phishing

Phishing scams are geared towards infiltrating your system in order to gain access to usernames, passwords and sensitive information such as credit card details. These scams are, unfortunately, also very common and often appear real. There are, however, steps that you can take to protect your business against phishing attacks: 1. Prevent phishing emails from … Read more

Why Organizations Fall Victim To Phishing Attack – Five Tips to Ensure You Don’t Take the Bait

Phishing attacks are one of the most prevalent and common security challenges for both individuals and organizations attempting to ensure the security of their information. Whether it’s obtaining credit card information, or gaining access to passwords and other sensitive information, email, social media and telephone calls are just some of the communication forms hackers use … Read more

What Damage Can Phishing Cause to Your Business?

A cyber-attack costs a small business on average $53 987. Although this is much less that the cost associated with cyber-attacks on medium and large enterprises that easily escalates to millions of dollars, when considered from a proportion to size point of view, it is substantial. One of the ways hackers wreak this havoc is … Read more

Five Types of Phishing Attacks that Reel in Victims

Phishing attacks are becoming progressively clever and easy to launch. The convenience of phishing kits available to purchase on the dark web renders it easy for cybercriminals, even with minimal technical skills, to launch phishing campaigns. The emails used to execute the phishing attacks are also carefully crafted to avoid suspicion to ensure victims open … Read more

Cybercrime tactics are changing yet again. Here’s three trends to watch out for in 2019

Cybercrime continues to increase, and cyber criminals are continuously changing their tactics. Just as the security industry seems to get on top of the latest cybercrime threat, a new, more sophisticated threat emerges. With ransomware dominating 2017 and cryptomining malware becoming popular with hackers throughout 2018, it seems e-crime is the latest trend in cybercrime … Read more