Case Study: Wood & Associates satisfied with Stage2Data’s full recovery and managed backup services

After more than 30 years in business, Wood & Associates have integrated the best of traditional, new, and emerging media to give clients’ marketing the best of ALL worlds, by using tried and true direct mail techniques that work. Adding a web component allows for accurate real-time data capture and mobile elements that improve access … Read more

The Enterprise’s Guide to IT-as-a-Service

Before discussing IT-as-a-service you first have to understand enterprise IT. In a nutshell, enterprise IT is the secure consumption of services from two or more sources such as private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT. Its goal is to enable the integration of applications, data and services, to compose, orchestrate and manage workloads and to … Read more

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for the SME/SMB market – The time is now!

Being cut off from crucial data for a lengthy period of time is every business’s worst nightmare. Something as malicious as ransomware, uncontrollable like severe weather, or innocent such as human error (or ignorant) can trigger a crisis like this. Notwithstanding the reason, the results will still be devastating. Here’s what you need to know: … Read more

Why you should consider Stage2Data’s as-a-service solutions

The benefits associated with the as-a-service model are well known. It assists IT teams and organizations to simplify, streamline and optimize including faster time to benefit with reduced total cost of ownership, scalability, speed of deployment, and significantly decreased risk. However, with so many solutions and new tech on the market, it can become increasingly difficult … Read more