Stage2Data Upgrades Backend Infrastructure by Adding MPLS

Stage2Data, Canada’s premier cloud solution provider, recently upgraded its backend infrastructure offering reliability and quality of service by adding multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) layer 2 connectivity. Its first MPLS link has been provisioned and is now live!

MPLS is a routing technique which directs data from one node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses and so avoids complex routing table lookups and facilitates speeding traffic flows. MPLS enables both enterprises and service providers to construct intelligent, next-generation networks that can deliver advanced and value-added services using a single infrastructure. 

Stage2Data’s new product offering allows fibre optic connectivity between offices spread across Canada and North America, connecting to all data centres, offering lower latency, high-quality links by partnering with the best fibre providers for point-to-point or multipoint connections.

Stage2Data is also a certified Internet Service Provider (ISP/carrier). This means that by using MPLS, Stage2Data ensures its clients’ IP addresses will remain constant should a complete network failure occur. The local network will fail-over on the Stage2Data backend, and the network will be recovered using exactly the same IP address as before. This obviates the need to change any settings – life and business just continue as normal. It, of course, also carries with it the inherent BCDR benefits such as being able to recover and restore business operations.

This unique product offering by Stage2Data ensures a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution for current and emerging SMEs and will offload more stress from IT professionals and CIOs – giving better sleep at night.