Remote Work Challenges: Failure to implement, regulate or adhere to security policies

Remote work presents unique information security challenges since remote work environments don’t usually have the same or comparable safeguards to the office. When employees are at the office, they are working behind layers of preventive security controls. While not perfect, it is harder to make a security mistake while at the office. However, when devices … Read more

UNDER PRESSURE: Rethinking cybersecurity for the new normal

Whether you consider COVID-19 as a forced shift in the way organizations operate or merely an event that has accelerated a trend that was already underway, it’s clear that remote work will be with us for the foreseeable future. As a result, businesses are rapidly embracing cloud and automation technologies to facilitate increased levels of … Read more

Remote Work Challenges: Remote working and data privacy compliance

Some 1.5 billion people are estimated to be working remotely. This means that employees are accessing an increasing volume of personal and often sensitive data outside the office to perform their duties while also complying with social distancing measures. With many organizations rushing to implement new remote working strategies, data protection can be overlooked, with … Read more

Remote Work Challenges: IT and cybersecurity risks

According to SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index, almost three-quarters of US employees are currently working from home and globally, 25 to 30% of the workforce are estimated to continue working from home by the end of 2021 and post-COVID-19 according to Global Workplace Analytics. In fact, according to Gallup Research, more than half of the office … Read more

Remote Work Challenges: The new normal of remote work makes data loss inevitable

COVID-19 has accelerated an existing work-from-home trend which will arguably continue in the years to come. This, however, put sensitive company data at risk as many at-home workers to not necessarily understand security best practices related to their data, devices and networks. Hardware failure as the number 1 cause of downtime Considering the role of … Read more

Remote Work Challenges: Three ways to mitigate cloud-hosted security threats

Cloud misconfigurations and stolen or compromised credentials are costing businesses trillions of dollars every year.  It is estimated that the lost business cost is “nearly 40% of the average total cost of a data breach, increasing from $1.42 million in 2019 to $1.52 million in 2020”. Furthermore, lost and stolen credentials, along with cloud misconfigurations … Read more