NRaaS – A failover and recovery solution for your entire network infrastructure

Network Recovery-as-a-Service (NRaaS), Stage2Data’s flagship offering, has taken DR as we know it to the next level. It includes your entire network including protecting and failing over your files, programs and servers.  Network recovery is similar to disaster recovery in that its purpose is to prepare a business for a disruptive event. This disruptive event could take the form of a natural or man-made disaster that disrupts network services. Network recovery solutions – or as discussed in this article, Network Recovery-as-a-Service (NRaaS) – function as an organization’s business continuity plan by ensuring the restoration of network services following a disruptive event or disaster to minimize downtime. Irrespective of the industry, a company can only function effectively when all its sectors and functions are running optimally. A company can come to a complete standstill when network services are down or interrupted and, in the absence of the ability to connect internally or to the internet, the company’s most important operations or services may break down. Networks can fail for a wide variety of reasons including hardware failures, cascading failures, connection failures, human error, and network attacks. 

When you consider the fact that 60% of companies who suffered a data loss were bankrupt within a year of the event, can you really afford not to invest in an effective network recovery solution? Here are 3 compelling reasons to consider a disaster recovery solution that includes NRaaS:

1. NRaaS VM infrastructure down event

In the event of a network failure (imagine a scenario where your entire server room burns down), local enterprise resources remain the same as if it was on a local site. These resources get spooled up into the Stage2Data cloud as well as the network connectivity to these. Data synchronization will take a private link without overloading current network resources with the same link being utilized for Internet access. This is a full network and DR solution managed end-to-end with no customer/third-party intervention.

2. NRaaS complete site fail-over and recovery including VPN

Should your site fail completely in the event of, for example, a network or DDoS attack, the local enterprise resources are transferred to the Stage2Data cloud including instant WAN network fail-over with all public-facing IPs staying the same. All WAN facing servers will continue functioning as if they were on the original site with no interruption in service. All current network and VPN resources will continue to be served from the Stage2Data cloud with no changes that will affect external users or services. 

3. Set recovery time objectives

NRaaS gives you the freedom to set up the time when site recovery testing is expected to complete. This way, you can test the recovery time objective for a specific site recovery to ensure it can be met. If not, you know in advance that you need to review and optimize your DR strategy.

Networks not only connect the company internally but also interact with third parties and the outside world. A network failure can have catastrophic consequences and you will be well advised to include NRaaS as part of your business continuity planning.

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