Technology Partner: VEEAM

Technology Partner


Harnessing the Power of SaaS

Uncover how VMware, through Stage2Data, is leveraging the power of SaaS to enhance deployment options, amplify cloud operating capabilities

VMware Horizon:

VMware Horizon is a SaaS-based deployment option that allows users to retain pods on-premises while leveraging the public cloud to host desktops and apps using infrastructure as a service when additional capacity is needed. This option also uses cloud-based Horizon Control Plane services to manage and monitor the deployment.

vRealize SaaS:

 VMware’s vRealize SaaS solution provides cloud operating capabilities and is the fastest and most effective way to add these capabilities. This solution delivers through the consumption of vRealize SaaS

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Onboarding Cohesity Improves Stage2Data’s Top and Bottom Lines

Compass for Success is a sophisticated education software solution developed to bring relevant and timely data to teachers and administrators to guide their work and improve student outcomes. The mobilization of these common tools creates an all-encompassing solution that will improve access, save valuable time and provide a rich, interactive approach to the use of data to inform practice and ensure greater accountability to the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) using the right tools to monitor and measure impact. As a leading education software
solutions developer, the organization supports thousands of schools across Canada through various school boards, each connected to between 20 and 80 schools, by developing classroom tools and teacher tools in the area of analytics. The not-forprofit organization currently backs up approximately 9 TB and 18 virtual machines.

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