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Harness the Full Potential of Microsoft Azure Cloud and 365Backup

Manage applications seamlessly, ensure data backup and restore for your Microsoft 365 suite

Microsoft Azure Cloud:

Generate and manage multiple applications and services through a multitude of Microsoft-hosted data centers.



Backup, search, restore, and export for Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange, Tasks, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and audit logs.

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Onboarding Cohesity Improves Stage2Data’s Top and Bottom Lines

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), is operated by CNSX Markets Inc. Recognized as a stock exchange in 2004, the CSE commenced operations in 2003 to provide a modern and efficient alternative for companies looking to access the Canadian public capital markets. Designed to facilitate the capital formation process for public companies through a streamlined approach to company regulation that emphasizes disclosure and the provision of efficient secondary market trading services for investors, CSE has grown continuously and now lists more than 500 equities, government bonds and structured products.

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