What Will Happen if Your Entire Network Goes Down?

Stage2Data is a cloud service provider that can be trusted with the life of your business. It uses cutting-edge infrastructure, storage, and connectivity solutions to protect, recover, and respond. Now it has been announced as Acquisition International’s Best Cloud Solution Provider 2023 – North America, we have taken the opportunity to find out more about its scalable and flexible approach to disaster recovery.

Backup and disaster recovery is what Stage2Data is all about. Since its inception in 2009, Stage2Data has focused on pioneering data transmission from on-premises to cloud-as-a service, offering full-scale replication from any cloud to cloud or physical environments. Back when physical systems were more common, platforms such as HyperV and VMware were not yet popularizing  virtualization. This all changed with the emergence of public and private cloud providers, migrating data and services to the cloud. At that point, Stage2Data began to add cloud services such as IaaS (Infrastructure as-a-Service) and NRaaSTM (Network-Recovery-as-a-ServiceTM). NRaaSTM in particular, is a game-changing add-on that completes the often-overlooked networking portion of the DRaaS solution.

Ransomware also assumed a major role due in no small part to the threat it posed. As a result of this, organizations started paying more attention to data protection and business continuity planning. As the cloud and cybersecurity landscape changed, so too did customers’ requirements. Stage2Data began to adapt and innovate to best assist its customers through these changes. Today, it is an award-winning Cloud Service Provider (CSP) specializing in backup, disaster recovery, and cloud infrastructure solutions. This includes Cloud Provider Resilience(CPR)TM,  and the often-neglected networking portion (NRaaSTM), so crucial to these services and solutions. As a CSP and certified carrier- grade internet  solutions provider (ISP), Stage2Data’s customers and partners receive secure and reliable solutions providing peace of mind in an ever-changing world of digital threats.

Stage2Data has core values built on excellence in service delivery, simplicity, scalability, and providing world-class technology and innovation. Its commitment to these values ensures quality results for its customers, partners, and vendors. This is the foundation of its success in cyber security solutions, ransomware protection, DRaaS, and as a cloud solutions provider. Its excellent service care and exceptional delivery as an ISP and cloud service provider set it apart from the competition. In addition, its unique NRaaSTM and CPRTM solutions mean it offers unparalleled data security, recovery, and redundancy to its customers. This is a combination no other service provider offers.

Stage2Data firmly believes that its leadership, combined with years of experience in cloud and data redundancy solutions, played a pivotal role in helping it achieve its position in the industry. Its team of network engineers and IT professionals are some of the best in the business, and their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in driving company success. Stage2Data favors a customer-centric approach to all things, as it understands its success is directly tied to the success of its customers. This is one of the reasons it is always willing to go the extra mile in meeting customer needs. This might, for example, mean providing customized solutions, addressing customer concerns promptly, or simply being available around the clock. Prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else is a strongly held company ethos.

As an internet service provider and disaster recovery specialist, Stage2Data knows that businesses need a reliable and secure network infrastructure to connect their operations to the cloud and keep their data safe. That’s why it offers comprehensive network services, often overlooked by other providers. Its flagship NRaaSTM solution is testament to this, as it provides businesses with a resilient and redundant network infrastructure that can withstand any unforeseen events. With NRaaSTM businesses can enjoy uninterrupted network connectivity, even during a disaster or outage. Plus, during failover, customers’ public IP addresses remain unchanged, eliminating any disruption to services as there’s no need to reconfigure network devices or update DNS records. Whether it’s hardware failure, natural disaster, or cyber-attack, its data centers are fully equipped with up to-the-minute security and backup technologies, ensuring customers’ data is always safe and available.

The company would like to help managed service providers who currently don’t have the necessary infrastructure to offer its services to their customers. Its cloud-based approach means it can deliver the convenience of a platform containing all the benefits and products its customers need without them having to roll out their own infrastructure. Such valiant future goals, alongside its amazing daily backup and recovery services, make it easy to see why Stage2Data has been awarded Best Cloud Solution Provider 2023 – North America. It is
clearly a company going from strength to strength.

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