Cybercrime in Canada – Worst Threats Faced by Canadian Business Owners

According to Scalar Decisions Inc.’s 2019 study on Canadian organizations’ cyber resilience, independently conducted by IDC Canada, “[o]ne hundred per cent of Canadian organizations experienced a cyber-attack last year, suffering an average of 12.5 breaches per year”.  The study further indicates that the average cost “per organization of responding to, and recovering from, cyber security … Read more

Crime doesn’t pay, but Cybercrime does. What motivates Cybercrime?

Cybercrime & Hackers ‘More Devastating’ To SMB’s Than Fire, Flood & Transit Strike Combined Notorious cyber crime gang behind global bank hacking spree returns with new attacks The Latest Thing You Need to Worry About Cybercriminals Hacking? Your Voice Cybercrime could cost companies $5.2 trillion over next five years These are only some of the … Read more