Stage2Data selected as one of the top 10 Disaster Recovery Service Providers for 2018

Stage2Data were selected as one of the top 10 Disaster Recovery Service providers by Cloud Technology Insights for 2018. Jeff Collier, founder and president of Stage2Data explained in an interview with the editor of the magazine that data security is much more than building firewalls to keep out viruses, bots, hackers and cyber attackers. Organisations also need mechanisms to recover their data in case of critical data loss, which could be triggered by various unforeseen circumstances.

Being a cloud-based data management expert, Stage2Data, eases the process and helps organisations protect their data and prevents data loss via its disaster recovery capability.

Other areas Stage2Data specialises in are storage, hosting and security for clients while moving from private (or public) cloud to public cloud.

Stephen Pyott, VP of sales at Stage2Data says, “Most clients can be described as hybrid which means they rely on multiple clouds to manage and protect their data.”

“To best address clients requirements, we make sure we understand the problem from their perspective to get a proper handle on the existing environment. From there we can tailor a best-fit model which is enterprise-ready and is perfectly aligned with our clients’ goals.”

Stage2Data recently partnered with Rubrik, one of the world’s leading providers in cloud and data management. “We don’t simply resell products. We provide solutions which are tailored to fit customer requirements.  The partnership with Rubrik was a strategic decision which help accelerate our disaster recover as a service (DRaaS) offering,” says Petrus Human, CTO and Co-owner, Stage2Data.

The Rubrik Stage2Data collaboration not only amplified Stage2Data’s disaster recovery capabilities but has also opened up new possibilities such as Rubrik-powered Cloud Provider Redundancy (CPR). This is possibly one of Stage2Data’s most notable additions. With this technology it is now possible to replicate data across multiple cloud models, including public and private cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, resulting in a centralised backup and recovery solution. Where assistance is required to migrate from legacy environments to more sophisticated cloud-based infrastructure, Stage2Data will gladly assist in making this a pain free, seamless transition.

Although Stage2Data is well known for its backup and disaster recovery as as service offering, there are several aspects which differentiate it from its competitors. In addition to protecting organisations’ infrastructure our team safeguards protection of critical components such as network and data.

According to Jeff Collier, “the best term to describe Stage2Data in a nutshell is Cloud Managed Service Providers (CMSP). We help clients with data loss prevention by offering automated recovery at frequent intervals which could save most client’s organizations from long term or even fatal setbacks.”

A real-life case where CES Energy Solutions, a leading Canadian oil and gas service provider, fully recovered from a ransomware attack is a great illustration of Stage2Data’s capabilities. Critical data and confidential files which were encrypted by the virus. The exercise resulted in zero data loss and a minor impact on business operations. Please read more about the CES ransomware recovery story here.

Stage2Data has become established as a market leader providing innovative, best of breed technologies and service delivery. Most importantly, the company goes the second mile in fully understanding their client’s challenges before engineering a solution that solves any data management problems. Recently, the company also cooperated with Pivot3, and Veeam to better alleviate its clients’ challenges.