Do you have the resources for Attix5 V8 Peregrine?

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CTO BLOG – Jacques Swanepoel

Growing data that shows no sign of slowing down. Backup Windows that are seriously challenging the gold standard of overnight/every night backups. The solution? The newly released Attix5 V8 Peregrine. Your question: Do I have the resources? The answer, “Yes”. The resources needed to achieve the massive speed is minimal. Attix5 V8 Peregrine boasts one of the lightest resource footprints in the industry. The numbers?

  • Less than a Gb memory
  • 2 CPU cores

Compare that to the 64 GB of memory needed in the last version. Attix5 V8 Peregrine is accessible to everyone. So, who should use it? This new version is ideal for very large file servers, the ones that are growing exponentially with files of the corporation. It is not for data bases or specific applications … it’s specifically for large file servers. A little trivia, Attix5 V8 Peregrine has been launched first in North America because we lead the world in the size of our file servers. So if you’re feeling the pressure of mountains of data, you’re not alone. And now there’s a solution. Until next time, To get more info, please click here.