Press release: Stage2Data appoints Petrus Human as new COO/CTO

“Since Human joined Stage2Data the company’s revenue has already grown by a significant 40%. “   Stage2Data press release: Toronto, Canada, August 2017 – Petrus Human, acquires a significant share in leading Canadian Backup and Cloud solutions provider, Stage2Data and takes on the role as new COO and CTO. In November 2016, Petrus Human, former … Read more

Why IT Security Is Important To Business

Written by Bruce McKnight on December 31, 2015. No business would dream of hiring an office that didn’t have a lock on the door – and likewise, no company should ever think of operating without IT security measures in place. One data leak can make the difference between a business staying afloat or going under. … Read more

Benefits Of Having a Paperless Office

Written by Bruce McKnight on July 24, 2015. Posted in S2D Blog While it might be difficult at first to transition your office to paperless from paper-based, the benefits will make the switch worthwhile. Yes, going paperless will help you to cut down on the waste of natural resources, but the environment isn’t where the benefits end. In fact, you’ll … Read more