Stage2Data takes the stage at ZertoCON focusing on simpler DR and Hyperconvergence

“It is simple. We just stay in our swimlane and do what we do as best as we can.”


These were some of the words spoken by VP of Sales, Stephen Pyott during recent ZertoCON Backup and DR conference held in Boston, MA during the last week in May 2017. He was part of a four-man panel, addressing the audience and answering their questions on Simpler DR in a Hyperconverged environment utilizing Zerto with Pivot3.

The panelists were:

  • Stephen Pyott, VP of Sales at Stage2Data,
  • Carlos Fonsesca, SNR Solutions Architect at Pivot3,
  • Shannon Snowden, SNR Technical Marketing at Zerto, and
  • Dean Leclerc, Director of Merging Technologies, Whalley Computer Associates.
  • Hosted by Vikram Belapurkar, SNR Manager of Product and Solutions Marketing at Pivot3.

Here are some standout points that came out of the panel discussions:

According to Carlos Fonsesca, modern businesses require simpler architecture which is easier to manage and scale.

Pyott described the technology offered by Pivot3 was everything Stage2Data and its customers required to make the switch to a hyperconvergence setup. He said switching over was the logical next step.

One of Stephen’s recent quotes, “One solution to run everything, takes one solution to bring everything down” hence the recent innovation by the Stage2Data solution architects to introduce CPR or Cloud Provider Redundancy – a cross-platform cloud integration service which allows interconnecting public clouds (such as AWS and Azure) with seamless failover options.

Dean Leclerc (who focuses a lot on system integration) said that with customers you often don’t start at zero. You start with what is already in place. The cloud has definitely simplified DRaaS a lot and with platforms like Pivot3, instead of just focusing on getting your data back, SPs can now offer a much more complete DR solution. We come in as a business provider and can look at the situation holistically. Other DR drivers like, WAN, Security, CEO roadside assistance come into play. It’s not only about how many Terabytes you need.

Stephen Pyott said another important aspect is that of scale ability, on both storage and computing. You need flexibility of deployment and be able to scale without necessarily having the luxury to plan. Steve said,

“Before our senior engineers spent days in the Data Centers, working on old flash infrastructure. Now to expand, simply drop a node and a JNR Technician can do it and it only takes 6 months, where it always used to take 2 years to deploy a fully functional system.”

To watch the whole discussion on Zerto’s Youtube channel please go to: