What is VDI?

Written by Bruce McKnight on . Posted in S2D Blog

VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure or virtual desktop interface. It’s a virtualization technique that allows users to access a virtual desktop. This desktop is hosted on a remote service via the Internet, and through it you can run desktop operating systems and application software virtually.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Who can access VDI? The virtual desktop infrastructure you set up for your company can be accessed by your employees, clients, and partners – basically anyone you wish. Each user receives access to their virtual desktops through their existing workstation computers. One of the opportune factors about VDI is that you do not have to purchase new computers for your staff; you simply have to set it up. The set up process takes minutes and generally, VDIs last longer than traditional desktops because they require little-to-no maintenance. Compatibility issues do not disappear completely but they are rare and should they arise, are easily resolvable. What are the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure? The benefits of VDI are numerous, but the most important are the following because they give you and your employee’s peace of mind and allow for greater workplace effectiveness:

    • Enhanced security:

You can keep sensitive material locked away safely in your virtual infrastructure instead of on each user’s personal desktop. In the event of a company-wide data breach, private materials will be kept separately in an almost undiscoverable virtual space. Furthermore, with VDI it is harder to lose and unintentionally destroy data, making it less risky than traditional computing software for regular desktops.

    • No labour lost:

The user experience for a virtual desktop does not differ from a traditional one. Your employee’s desktop will resemble any old desktop and it performs in the same way. You do not have to retrain your staff, as they will have no trouble adjusting to VDI. A virtual desktop infrastructure streamlines you and your employees’ tasks because everyone has access to the same images and documents.

    • Your IT staff will thank you:

VDI is the perfect solution for the employees in your IT department. With this virtual interface, they can easily support, protect and administer data from one central location. They will not have to approach each individual employee’s desktop to set up new programs or perform maintenance because with VDI, each desktop can be monitored virtually. Is VDI right for my company? A virtual desktop interface is probably right for your company. It can simplify your work process and allow your employees to access the same information easily. Because VDI eliminates the need for constant updating to your staff’s workstation hardware, it can be a cost-efficient method for your business to thrive. Another bonus of VDI is that if you have a network of employees who work remotely, they can access the same features and programs from their location that you’d have in your office. For more information, contact Stage2Data! We have the answers to all your questions regarding VDI.