Upcoming Cloud Technology Trends For 2016

Written by Bruce McKnight on .

Cloud technology is becoming increasingly popular. All types of data and software can be stored and easily accessed on the Cloud. It is quickly becoming an integral part of many companies.

But what is it? The Cloud is a network of servers. These servers can provide a service or they can store data. Essentially, the Cloud allows you to store data online as opposed to on hard drives. The Cloud can help companies be cost effective. This is because Cloud computing allows you to use applications over the internet; you don’t have to install software, thus minimizing the amount of hardware required for applications or storage.

And now that you know what it is, here are some upcoming trends you should expect to see in 2016.

Cloud Growth

The principle, and perhaps most obvious, trend we should expect to see in 2016 is the continued increase in Cloud usage. Because smartphones have now become the number one tool people use to access the internet, people are relying less on hardware for storage and software and more on the Cloud. According to RightScale, 93 percent of businesses now use the Cloud. We should expect that number to increase still further and see Cloud services for everything.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud Computing uses a combination of physical application infrastructure and services and public or private Cloud services. Hybrid cloud computing looks set to be an imperative, in the form of a unified integrated cloud model, with both internal and external cloud platforms which can be leveraged based on specific business requirements.

Cloud-optimized Application Design

Traditionally, the approach to cloud computing is essentially just to transfer workloads to the cloud or an application infrastructure. This is a good approach for certain situations. But to fully extract the potential of your cloud model and deliver the best applications you possibly can, you need to design applications that are cloud-optimized from their conceptual beginning.


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