The Dilemma of Growing Data

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CTO BLOG – Jacques Swanepoel

The number of files you are responsible for backing up grows almost daily. What used to be a manageable number of files is quickly becoming a mountain. If your company is like the rest, that mountain gets higher every day.

Worldwide studies confirm that unrelenting data growth continues to be a number one concern of CTOs and IT Managers. Gartner identified this serious issue years ago and from all indicators, the trend of massive data growth shows no sign of slowing down.

Companies are keeping information indefinitely and in response, file servers are getting larger and larger. Disk to Disk is fast but the millions of additional files are stressing your ability (and everyone else in your position) to get backups done in a reasonable time and manner.

That’s a challenge for you in real time, on the ground. The more files your company creates the larger your backup and the longer your Backup Window. What used to be easily completed overnight is now getting closer to that 6 am cut off.

You may even be at the point where overnight backups are now impossible and you’re considering moving to a partial backup nightly with a full backup on the weekends.

Sound familiar?

Data Growth is unrelenting, it is not slowing down. Backups are taking longer. CTOs and IT Managers are feeling the pressure. What’s needed is a faster backup for big data environments.

Good news, help is here with the release of Attix5 V8. It’s aptly named Peregrine and it boasts 30 million files backed up in an hour vs 1 million.