Randy Carroll, CEO of IBAO

It was two weeks before the Ransomware virus that had crept into our system decided to show its ugly head and let us know that it was encrypting our Association’s data file by file. When we couldn’t access an important file, the full weight of our potential loss hit hard – imagine one week before convention and the unthinkable just happened. Our first instinct was to make one call and that was to our internal support team who in turn reached out to our data backup and recovery partner: Stage2Data. The professional support that we received was incredible. They worked quickly restoring every file. Nothing was lost – not a single data file. It’s hard to explain how relieved we were. Having solid business partners matter and included within that group should be your data backup and recovery partner – we couldn’t have done better than Stage2Data!

Randy Carroll, CEO, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontariorcarroll@ibao.on.ca