Glenn Hall, Owner, Floyd Hall Insurance Brokers

With Stage2Data we know with certainty that our backups are being done properly and consistently. I didn’t have that confidence with tapes and making the move was easy. An important reason we choose Stage2Data was because they are an IBAO Affinity Partner. They’re checked out and vetted – I know we’ll be taken care of when we need help.For years we backed our own data up. It was a lot of extra work and we always knew it was not the most reliable method. When I had the opportunity to talk to Stage2Data about the possibility of moving data backup and recovery to them I was pleased with what I heard. The meeting with Stage2Data was brief (I don’t have a lot of time!) but very informative. We contracted Stage2Data and from there the setup was simple and painless. Soon after we started doing offsite backups with Stage2Data we had a power outage and lost some TAM files. If this had happened a few months earlier it might have been a serious problem. But since I had Stage2Data to turn to all it took was a phone call to the help desk and they guided my staff through the restore process. Within minutes we were up and running. This experience underlined my opinion that Stage2Data was the way to go.

Glenn Hall owner/president Floyd Hall Insurance