Colin Stark, President of John Stark & Co. Ltd.

When it comes to data backup, the big test comes at the time of a loss much like insurance. Since we have not experienced a data loss, I will comment on Stage2Data in terms of ease of implementation and proactive support. Before Stage2Data we were using a tape backup system and it was cumbersome. Our goal was to find a cost effective way to do backups and get them safely offsite without using tape. Stage2Data was the answer. In terms of implementation and transition from tape to Stage2Data, the professional services team was very professional and helpful. In fact, they spoke with our IT provider and found that 25% of the data we were planning on backing up was actually duplicated data! They helped save us money by trimming our backup requirement. On a day-to-day basis, the Set and Forget feature has been excellent. If there is an issue with a backup it’s clearly flagged. We’ve also had Stage2Data pro-actively contact me on a Monday morning, letting me know that while they see a Friday and Sunday backup they do not see a Saturday one. Proactive support, that’s very appreciated. When I look at it from a cost perspective, working with Stage2Data equals savings because I do not need a staff member to take time working with backups. It’s all done automatically. This saves money from a labour point of view and it’s very advantageous.

Colin Stark President/Partner John Stark & Co. Ltd