Carrie Ricker, Carpenter Ricker

Smooth Transition + Peace of Mind

When it’s time to start thinking about migrating your firm’s data to the cloud, you have questions. One of the best ways to get answers and peace of mind is to hear from fellow CBA Members. In the testimonial stories below read about their experiences with moving to the Cloud and their report on working with the Stage2Data team.

The risk of a major on-site disaster destroying our data was one important reason we investigated a cloud based backup solution. Taking the CBA’s cue we contacted Stage2Data. We appreciated that the storage and the company was 100% Canadian and the pricing options were straight forward for CBA members. The transition to their backup system was very smooth and we have seen a reduction in workload with the elimination of manual backups. Stage2Data delivered exactly what we expected and the result is a high level of peace of mind.

Carrie Ricker, Carpenters Ricker, Barristers and Solicitors, Charlottetown, PEI