Stage2Data Selected by Xplorex IT Magazine as one of Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2018

Enterprises are moving rapidly to large cloud computing platforms to run their apps and very often, most of them tend to ignore the very crucial, disaster recovery and backup planning. “Many of them believe they don’t need that for large third party. The truth is, it is someone else’s server. Your local infrastructure still needs to be protected,” reprises Jeff Collier, President and Founder, Stage2Data. “Although there are some snapshots provided, it isn’t full backup.” Collier further adds, “We manage the entire failover and fall back process for the customer.” By ‘we’ Collier refers to Stage2Data, one of the fastest growing and trusted providers of cloud solutions that has been creating its own path to success since 1998 by leveraging its expertise in offering data-driven solutions. The firm specializes in disaster recovery (DR), backup and infrastructure to protect servers and data of customers at cost effective rates.

Since the beginning, Stage2Data has built strong partnerships with cloud backup and DR solutions providers like Rubrik, Zerto and Veeam. The company’s name, Stage2Data is reflective of its roots in the data solutions segment. “Data within any industry involves three important stages —data creation, management and destruction. Since its infancy, our firm focused on providing managed products and services exclusively for the second stage of data’s lifecycle,” beams Collier. “Hence the name, Stage2Data!”

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