Stage2Data helps CES Energy solutions recover from a ransomware attack – fully operational by lunchtime the same day

CES Fully Recovered from a Ransomware attack

In a recent ransomware incident at CES Energy solutions, one of Canada’s leading Oil and Gas providers, Stage2Data’s proficient DR team helped recover the servers and data and have all systems up and running in no time.

One of the staff received and email with an attachment which looked like an invoice. It was in fact a ransomware virus which when opened found its way around the firewall and started to encrypt and infect files on one of the accounting department’s file servers. The IT team immediately unplugged the server from the network and called Stage2Data. The team responded immediately and identified exactly when the virus  entered. They picked the restore point to 20 minutes before the breach and rolled back restoring the data and servers in S2D’s test datacenter.

They booted up the replication servers in the mirror datacenter which became the temporary production site. After the local CES servers were restored and tested to be fully functional, a reverse replication was performed and the sites were switched back during lunch the same day.

Thanks to Stage2Data’s excellent service and support, CES experienced no data loss and their business operations had minimal downtime. The team were commended by the management board and this became a benchmark to CES’ stakeholders as to how  fast and seamlessly they could recover from an unforeseen disaster.