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Hello, your files are encrypted with RSA-4096 algorithm


You will need at least few years to decrypt these files without our software. All your private information for last 3 months were collected and sent to us. To decrypt your files you need to buy our software. The price is $300.

If you will not contact us until 07/15/2007 your private information will be shared and you will lost all your data.

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That letter? An example of a Ransomware email similar to the one that two of our Stage2Data clients received within the past month. 80% of their data had become encrypted without their knowledge. On the positive side, because they were protected by Stage2Data our team recovered 100% of their data within an hour (but not before they felt the full anxiety of having their files encrypted). Let’s say you’re not protected. Should you be worried about Ransomware?

Yes and here’s why: In the past, Ransomware was considered to be a rare nuisance. It was a virus that encrypted data followed by a ransom demand for the decryption key. No longer. Ransomware is making a comeback with notably increased sophistication. A new iteration called CryptoLocker infiltrates victim’s machines and then searches for files to encrypt in a number of locations – including external hard drives, USB sticks and shared network drives. Ransoms that require BitCoin payment in 72 hours have been demanded, with the ransom quickly rising the longer the victim waits to pay. In some cases, the decryption key itself has an expiry date, threatening the loss of your data and it being locked, forever.

In addition to increasing frequency, Ransomware’s new sophistication has even blocked workarounds to free your data. Recent CryptoLocker authors properly utilized commercial-grade 2048-bit RSA encryption. Making it virtually impossible to decode.

With all the threats to your data, including Ransomware, it’s a great time to talk to us and get your data protected. When we’re on your team even ransom letters and encrypted files won’t ruin your day – your data is always safe with Stage2Data! Call us today, we’re happy to walk you through what we can offer.