Our Team

Petrus Human

CEO & President

At the helm of Stage2Data is Petrus Human, a seasoned IT veteran with just shy of 25 years of experience, 20 of which have been dedicated to the backup and disaster recovery (DR) industry.

Petrus’ passion and vision permeate throughout the company, guiding the team to focus on delivering products and services that businesses truly need and to help businesses thrive in the rapidly changing cloud computing and disaster recovery space.

Unique Talents & Skills

Petrus’ journey in the cloud technology industry spans over two decades, marked by remarkable accomplishments and relentless innovation. He has a track record of successfully growing businesses into well-functioning organizations with exceptional customer support.

His knack for forging rock-solid relationships has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor for customers and vendors alike. A stickler for standards, Petrus firmly believes “if it’s on the tin, it’s in the package”.

He has been instrumental in shaping Stage2Data into a frontrunner in the cloud technology industry. Under his leadership, Stage2Data has consistently delivered cutting-edge cloud solutions that enhance operational efficiency, drive business growth, and safeguard critical data.


Past Experiences

Petrus had multiple IT-related roles before joining Attix5 (acquired by Redstor in 2015) as a technical operations manager in 2003. After a few years, he proved himself to be a key player in the organization and was appointed Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and moved to the UK to grow Attix5’s footprint in the UK backup market.

As CTO, he expanded Attix5’s business influence in the UK backup market. He masterfully assembled a powerhouse team of technical and sales experts, establishing robust partnerships that culminated in significant business acquisitions. While managing the UK operations, he also looked after the technical roadmap of the product and gave strategic direction.

While serving as Attix5’s CTO, one of his crowning achievements was contributing to the patented technology titled Live and Virtual Restore. It allows backed-up data to be accessed instantly, enabling read and write operations (e.g., editing documents or running SQL database queries) to bypass the usual wait time associated with traditional restores. This innovative solution effectively reduced RTO to a few minutes and was a game changer in DRaaS using backup technology.

Petrus is an IT technology, backup, and disaster recovery expert and believes in applying his knowledge in service and support of Stage2Data’s customers.


Petrus, originally from South Africa, enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He enjoys hunting, long-distance running, golf, cricket, and cooking up a storm.