Network Recovery as a Service (NRaaS)

In September 2018, Stage2Data became a certified Internet Service Provider (ISP). The purpose of this corporate upgrade was not to compete with other carriers who already provide internet connectivity at costs but to offer better service to their clients who make use of their Cloud Hosting (HaaS), Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services (BC/DR).

Typically network carriers focus on internet connectivity and BC/DR companies focus on business continuity services. Stage2Data has brought these two services together and now offer something that no one else in North America currently offers – Network Recovery as a Service. In the event where a client experiences a total network failure, Stage2Data will bring up the whole network infrastructure in its cloud data center. The client’s network will be instantly recovered using exactly the same IP address as before. With normal BC/DR companies this will not be the case as the IP will have to change. Using Stage2Data’s NRaaS there’s no need to change any network connectivity settings like VPN access or DNS settings. Life and business just carry on as normal. Once the problem has been fixed on the client’s local network everything switches back over the way it was – zero downtime and minimal frustration.