Most Innovative Cloud & Hosting
Solutions Provider 2022 - Canada

Stage2Data recognized as most innovative cloud and hosting solutions provider of 2022

Recognized as one of North America’s fastest-growing and most trusted cloud solution providers, Stage2Data is on a mission to identify the best possible solutions and offer optimal results to its customers. Working with best of breed technology partners to deliver enterprise-quality services to the market, Stage2Data is regarded as Canada’s Most Innovative Cloud and Hosting Solutions Provider of 2022.

“Our mission is to solve business problems for our customers and to deliver value at every turn with our SaaS solutions. Our solutions not only give our customers and partners access to the latest innovations but also comes with superb customer service and after-sales support,” explains CEO and President Petrus Human.

Optimized Software-as-a-Service Solutions

For over a decade, Stage2Data has provided impeccable cloud solutions with data centres residing in both Canada and the USA. Due to its incredible sales and supports teams located within its head office in Oakville, Ontario, Stage2Data has consistently delivered superior professional services to its customers.

Chief Revenue Officer, Stephen Pyott, describes the company’s efforts, stating, “We understand that all businesses are in different phases of growth and maturity and as such, we can tailor our service offerings to suit not only the requirements but also the budget of our customers. In the process, we become trusted advisors to our customers and work towards long-standing relationships of excellence and trust.”

For Stage2Data, most of its customers include professional industry sectors such as healthcare providers, law firms and construction, civil engineering, real estate companies and the public sector, to name a few. Stage2Data is renowned for delivering optimized ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) solutions, which comprise of, but are not limited to, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Network Recovery-as-a-Service (NRaaS), Business Continuity-as-a-Service (BCPaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), File Archiving-as-a-Service (FAaaS) and Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service (CRaaS).

Unique flagship NRaaS Solution – A one of a kind offering to the market

Stage2Data is most notable for its flagship NRaaS solution, a term coined by the company and is an entirely unique offering to the market. This unique failover and recovery solution can be implemented for the entire network infrastructure and, in the event of a site failure, it restores the entire site (including the servers and network) while maintaining public and private IP addresses throughout the entire failover.

In addition to its reputable solutions, Stage2Data is known for its impeccable customer service. Stephen adds to this, stating, “customer satisfaction is our most important core value, closely linked to our aim always to provide quality products for a quality price. These core values have served us well over the years, and we remain steadfast in our commitment always to uphold these values.”

Passion first - Stage2Data's dedicated and ambitious management team

Keeping these core values in line with its incredible product solutions, Stage2Data attributes a lot of its success to its dedicated and ambitious management team, a team that is significantly passionate about what they do. This passion also drives all its services. “Our staff is our strength, and they understand that, in turn, our customers are central to everything we do,” ads Petrus.

Innovative Covid-19 Pre-screening workforce management tool

Like many others in recent years, Stage2Data has gone through complex challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, most notably, from an operational perspective. Stage2Data found that the most challenging aspect of the global pandemic was to ensure its workforce remained healthy and to protect staff, clients, and visitors from contracting and spreading the virus. With the addition of government-mandated Covid-19 screenings, Stage2Data saw an opportunity to innovate and implemented a tool that could help organizations automate the entire screening process.

Stephen explains the company’s efforts during the pandemic, stating, “We onboarded a pre-screening SaaS solution for workplaces, resulting in huge benefits for our customers. For example, Minto Group, one of our customers that benefited from this pre-screening tool, implemented it at all its sites in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. The SaaS solution not only saved time and automated and streamlined the entire manual pre-screening process, but also ensured compliance with government regulations.”

Strategic partnership with Cohesity - game changer in the North American data protection industry

In addition to serving satisfied customers successfully, Stage2Data has developed a strategic partnership with Cohesity, a leader in hybrid, multi-cloud environments. The innate collaboration has supported the company immensely, allowing Stage2Data to strengthen its superior cloud data management offerings in North America. Combining Cohesity’s multi-cloud data management platform with NRaaS has been a game changer in the North American data protection industry.

Expansion of data center facilities

Following this success, Stage2Data plans to expand its data center facilities to the West Coast of the USA and throughout Canada, ultimately extending to Europe in 2022. Petrus adds to this: “On top of this expansion, we are planning to launch new SaaS offerings to the market for customers and partners that focus on cyber security. Overall, our goal is to keep improving our service levels, enhance our product offerings and build on our excellent customer service to ensure we remain the preferred provider for North American SaaS solutions.”

Regarded as Canada’s Most Innovative Cloud & Hosting Solutions Provider of 2022, Stage2Data is making a significant impression on the industry, the marketplace, and all its customers, who are happily and successfully utilizing the ingenious innovations brought forward by the Stage2Data team.