December 2013 was historic for more reasons than an ice storm.

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December 2013 was historic. It featured ice storms, near record low temperatures and electrical outages that lasted for days. We’ll remember it not only for traffic chaos and delayed travel plans but also for its impact on business.

Power outages across both the US and Canada resulted in data being “out of reach” for many businesses. That means one thing: Business was ground to a halt.

Who didn’t miss a beat? Our Hosted clients. Because they were protected by Stage2Data, they had instant VPN connections to their servers. If the electricity was down in their offices or homes? They easily found hotseats at coffee shops, Anal Beads libraries and business centres with WiFi connections.

With Stage2Data Hosting, as long as you can find a plug that works and an internet connection, you have your data. Our Universal Power Supply (UPS) is the first line of defense against electrical power failure. Our generators kicked in within 17 seconds of the outage.. In other words? Host with Stage2Data and Mother Nature will not make your data or your business, history!