Cloud in Canada: Ugly step-sister? I think not.

Written by Bruce McKnight on . Posted in S2D Blog

So let’s admit: there is an obvious absence of major US Cloud providers with a footprint in Canada. Rackspace, Amazon, Microsoft, Google all rely on their US operations to provide services to the Canadian market… if they want it. Does that make Cloud in Canada the ugly step-sister?

Far from it.

Canadian Cloud service providers are growing in numbers and providing safe, innovative, scalable solutions to businesses savvy enough to understand the importance of keeping Canadian data on Canadian soil.The Canadian cloud is growing. Need proof? Just ask They’ve been on an acquisition spree in Canada for nearly half a decade with plans to open up two new data centres in Canada soon. isn’t alone – smart companies like Perspecsys, Nuology and Eloqua are grabbing Gartner and other analysts’ attention and expanding rapidly.

At Stage2data, we’re Canada’s premier Cloud Solution Provider for a reason. In addition to being an excellent top tier service provider solution we’re also the #1 choice for Canadian businesses concerned about data residency. The emphasis at Stage2data is on world-class service, bullet-proof security and bespoked solutions… and the approach is working. We’ve just been named a Top Three CDN Channel Elite Award winner and our exponential growth speaks for itself.

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Bruce McKnight is VP, Service Delivery at Stage2Data