Case Study: Wood & Associates satisfied with Stage2Data’s full recovery and managed backup services


After more than 30 years in business they’ve seen it all! Wood & Associates have integrated the best of traditional, new, and emerging media to give clients’ marketing the best of ALL worlds, by using tried and true direct mail techniques that work. Adding a web component allows for accurate real-time data capture and mobile elements that improve access to content and information. At Wood & Associates they do it all, from
strategic development and web design to data management and production order fulfilment to data analytics on program performance and mail management. They are 100% Canadian with a focus on Fortune 500 results with small business values and good old-fashioned service. Seeing that data is at the core of their business, the company decided to look for a reliable managed backup and recovery provider. Very satisfied after choosing Stage2Data, they are happy to share their experience.

Moving to Stage2Data: 

Wood & Associates’ primary office is located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. They have two physical servers secured in a server room with motion sensors. Before onboarding Stage2Data in 2019, after meeting at an industry event, the company managed their own IT infrastructure internally. At the time, the company was using hard drive backups which were transported to a safe offsite location daily. After some testing, it became evident that with the current practice up to 24 hours of data will be lost in the event of a disruptive event.

Further, over time, global PCI requirements evolved which ultimately required meeting certain industry requirements in respect of data management and backup. The internal workload increased which saw the company looking to outsource security and backups to a reliable partner that was also recognized within the financial services industry.