Case Study: Copperfin Credit Union transforms backup and recovery operations with Stage2Data and Cohesity

Copperfin Credit Union Limited was founded in 2008. The company’s line of business includes the cooperative thrift and loan associations (accepting deposits) organized under other than Federal charter to finance the credit needs of their members. Copperfin Credit Union is Northwestern Ontario’s largest locally owned credit union, with 7 branches located in Ear Falls, Kenora, Sioux Narrows, Nestor Falls, and Thunder Bay. As Copperfin’s data footprint increased, they realized that their current backup and recovery solution lagged behind in terms of both performance and features. Consequently, the company contracted Stage2Data to tailor a more robust solution for their backup and recovery needs.

The challenge 

Data loss as a result of cybercrime as well as various other types of failures is a major concern for organizations of all sizes. It can disrupt the day-to-day operations of any information-based business. Additionally, it remains a challenge to ensure that backups occur on a timely, scheduled basis. Copperfin Credit Union produces a large volume of files, and data must often be retained indefinitely in order to meet both regulatory and internal audit requirements. The data comprise sensitive financial and client information. Their environment includes 12 virtual servers, approximately 3 terabytes of file data and SQL servers.

Operations up and running 1 hour after crypto-phishing attack 

Copperfin fell victim to a phishing attack as a result of a device lacking endpoint protection at the time. A new employee opened an email containing the phishing attack which infected the entire file-sharing server. Stage2Data was pivotal in locking down the attack, restoring the local backup copy to the original location and having operations back up and running within an hour.

Seamless upgrade to Cohesity  

Stage2Data introduced Copperfin to Cohesity, a new and more sophisticated solution to simplify the management of data across data centers and clouds. The IT team at Stage2Data tailored the ideal solution for the Copperfin environment that not only included backup and recovery but also scale-out capabilities. The team made migrating to Cohesity a seamless and cost-effective process. This was a major upgrade in terms of both user experience and functionality for Copperfin.


Stage2Data rolled out the new solution across all 7 branches of Copperfin. This simplified Copperfin’s on-prem backup and recovery in the cloud and the edge. Since deploying Cohesity, the company has seen impressive results: its critical data is replicated in the cloud and therefore always available and recoverable. In fact, it is now possible to recover an entire virtual machine within 10 minutes and pull a single file from older backups as well.

“Stage2Data’s suggestions not only checked all the boxes but surpassed all our expectations. The team at Stage2Data made backup and recovery easy and more productive for us. We can see daily how data management has been simplified across all our branches. Cohesity’s enterprise-class backup and recovery solution also protects our data against human errors, malware, and other forms of corruption with rapid recovery at scale to any point in time. Stage2Data offered us the best mix of price and value with a simplified approach to data management. We cannot recommend them enough – not only are they experts at what they do, but Paul Tate, their Services Engineer, has time and time again offered us rapid response and excellent support, attributes that are of real value to us”

Ron Thorsteinson – IT Infrastructure Manager