Case Study: Brenda Remy, John Stark & Company

“Our team showed up for work on a Monday morning and discovered unusual attachments on all the files on our server. It didn’t take long to be told by our off-site IT company that we had been attacked by ransomware. Our IT company let us know that they could clean the virus and repair the backup but we would be missing the last month of files and changes because it had been a month since our restore. Losing that month of files would have impacted our business a great deal. Already we had 5-6 team members unable to do meaningful work because of the lost files.To regain access to the lost month of files we turned to Stage2Data, our IBAO Affinity Partner regarding data management solutions. The process of getting the files back was simple and quick. I called Stage2Data and spoke to Bruce Hobson. Bruce walked me step by step through exactly what was required to regain access to the files. The restores were completed within hours. As confidence with the recovery was confirmed, by the next day, we had everyone back up and working. We could not have recovered from this ransomware attack without the Stage2Data backup. If we had relied on our local IT company for disaster recovery a critical month of work from both of our offices and teams of brokers would have been lost. Every recent change to insurance and insurance applications would have been lost. In the past you could rely on paper files for some backup but in the last few years that has changed. Almost everything that happens is on the computer and even our Broker System is online. The paper backup just isn’t there anymore.”

Brenda Remy

John Stark & Company

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