Case Study: Compass for Success chooses Stage2Data to protect critical data and boost efficiency with cloud hosting and managed backup services

Compass for Success is a sophisticated education software solution developed to bring relevant and timely data to teachers and administrators to guide their work and improve student outcomes. The mobilization of these common tools creates an all-encompassing solution that will improve access, save valuable time and provide a rich, interactive approach to the use of data to inform practice and ensure greater accountability to the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) using the right tools to monitor and measure impact. As a leading education software solutions developer, the organization supports thousands of schools across Canada through various school boards, each connected to between 20 and 80 schools, by
developing classroom tools and teacher tools in the area of analytics. The not-forprofit
organization currently backs up approximately 9 TB and 18 virtual machines. Case Study: Compass for Success chooses Stage2Data to protect critical data and boost efficiency with cloud hosting and managed backup services


Compass for Success faced two challenges that required an urgent and hands-on approach: hosting and off-site backup. The organization used to manage their own infrastructure with physical and virtual servers. They have realized, however, that they needed support from a third-party service provider who could look after their entire infrastructure and ensure “always-on” availability of their systems as the schools could not afford any downtime. They started looking
for a service provider with backup, disaster recovery, cloud hosting and network infrastructure expertise. “We landed with Stage2Data through a mutual not-for-profit organization, Orion, that highly recommended Stage2Data. At that time, Stage2Data has been working with other school boards in the province of Ontario where our primary work is. It was really important to have highly skilled expertise to ensure our data is effectively managed and highly secured,” says
Diane Findlay, Co-founder and General Manager of Compass for Success.

Initially, Compass for Success managed their own hosted solution and then investigated options for these services in

After investigating different solution providers for our hosting, we made a corporate decision to move to Stage2Data. In addition to their high-quality support and super-responsiveness, we now have a solution that gives us peace of mind that our data is safe and secure, says

The Solution

Compass for Success is currently making use of Cohesity’s enterprise-class backup and recovery and Stage2Data’s cloud-hosted services to host their environment and protect their data against human errors, malware, and other forms of corruption. Stage2Data is currently managing Compass for Success’ data recovery, disaster recovery and persistent
volume backups.


Compass for Success migrated their infrastructure to Stage2Data’s cloud hosting solution and managed backup services and almost immediately experienced a boost in the efficiency and functionality of their organization. Compass for Success can now take advantage of the scalability of the solution implemented at all their premises — from backup to disaster recovery — all while keeping complete control of their data.

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