Backup Windows … Getting Unacceptably Long

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CTO BLOG – Jacques Swanepoel

Backup is all about recovery. As a CTO or IT Manager your eye is always on Backup Window. When it comes to the clock the hours between 6pm and 6am are the holy grail. The old standard with tape was to do full backups on the weekend. Now with Cloud backup we simulate full backups overnight, every night. But massive data growth is getting in the way of this ideal situation. File servers now contain millions of files and even the fastest backup solutions are taking 8,12,18 hours. This brings the gold standard of overnight backup into question – we are simply running out of time because the backups are so large (and getting larger). I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. Backup Windows are getting longer. That 6 am cut off time is getting to be more and more of a race and the way your company is adding files it won’t be long before that 6 am deadline starts getting missed. Let me tell you what I know… there is an answer. The newly launched Attix5 V8 Peregrine is specifically designed to deliver unbeatable backup speed. It’s proven to backup 30 million files per hour compared to earlier versions (and the competition). Who proved it? My team here in Oakville, Ontario. Along with some of the world’s sharpest development team members, we were on the ground during development of the new version and were key Alpha testers. As Alpha Testers we provided feedback on what to improve, what to change and we had the opportunity to test the software to the maximum, reporting on how it worked and how it behaved. Our early impression was that it was fast, faster than anything we’d seen and that it was going to be a game changer. Full disclosure, my company, Stage2Data is the Master Distributor for Attix5 in North America. We’re the first territory worldwide that has been given access to the new version and I couldn’t be more confident or excited to introduce you to it. Next time I’ll talk about how Attix5 V8 Peregrine achieves these backup speeds. To get more info, please click here.

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