Backup Speeds like you’ve never seen

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CTO BLOG – Jacques Swanepoel

Unrelenting data growth is a worldwide concern that hits close to home. You have witnessed data growth that shows no sign of slowing down in your own environments. Talk in the industry continually centers on stressed and growing file servers.

Like everyone else, you’ve calculated backup times and projected data growth in your company. You can see a time when overnight backups will no longer be a possibility. You need more backup speed.

Now you have it. The launch of Attix5 V8 Peregrine gives you access to backup speeds that simply cannot be beaten by any product, anywhere.

Looking at the straight numbers, compared to V7 if you are backing up four drives simultaneously V8 Peregrine is 30x faster. You read right, 30x.

If you are backing up a single drive it is 6x faster. Numbers like these add up to one thing – a solution you need in your big data environment.

The biggest single difference with the new version of Attix5 is that it backs drives up simultaneously. From my own experience on my test server, what used to backup 1 million files now backed up 30 million.

As a patent-holder in this industry, I have seen many leaps in development but this one is one of the most dramatic improvements I have ever seen in a single version upgrade. We used to be excited by a 30% improvement but this is a 3000% improvement between release. It’s astronomical in difference.

Next time we’ll talk about how Attix5 V8 Peregrine has the lightest resource footprint in the industry.